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Adenia macrophylla var. singaporeana (Blume) Koord., (Wall. ex G. Don) de Wilde
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Plant of the Month
Celebrating with Cockscomb Plant!
One of the all-time favourite ornamental plants for Chinese New Year is the Celosia argentea var. cristata or more familiarly known as the Cockscomb plant or 鸡冠花 (Ji Guan Hua) in Mandarin. Its common name was derived from the vibrantly coloured flowers that resemble a rooster’s comb. The Chinese word rooster (鸡) sounds similar to the Chinese word meaning good luck (吉). Hence, the plant symbolises good fortune and well wishes. Cockscomb plants can be grown in Singapore as an annual, and thrives in full sun and fertile well-drained soil conditions. Seeds can be harvested and grown into new plants. The flowers can also be used for floral arrangements and may last up to 2 weeks! Click on the button below to learn more.
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Animal of the Month
Telephone Sylvan
Singapore is home to more than 120 species of dragonflies and damselflies. Both nymph and adult individuals are fierce hunters, feeding mainly on other insects. The species seen here is the Telephone Sylvan (Copera octogesima), which got its name from the two distinct blue markings on its thorax which resemble telephone headsets. The Telephone Sylvan is relatively common in our Central Catchment Nature Reserve.
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Did You Know?
The Chanel No. 5 Plant
Did you know that the flowers of Dwarf Ylang Ylang (scientific name: Cananga odorata var. fruticosa) contain essential oils which are thought to be used in Chanel No. 5 perfume? The fruticosa variety is a shrub which grows up to 2 m tall, while the species is a tree that grows 10-15 m tall. The flower has long, drooping, curly petals that are initially light green but later turn yellow. It is very fragrant with an aroma similar to jasmine or custard apple. The essential oil produced by this flower is commonly used in floral or oriental-type perfumes.
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Fauna News
Flora News
Tree rings reveal environmental changes
Scientists around the world put a lot of effort to conserve big, old trees. Because of their essential roles in our ecosystem and impact on wildlife. Now, it seems like we have one more reason to save these old giants. Recently, researchers in Europe found out that by analyzing chemical composites in tree growth rings, it was possible to reconstruct environmental changes in past few centuries. Click here for more information.
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