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  Penthetor lucasi (Dobson, 1880)
  Family Name : Pteropodidae

  Taxonomic Group : Vertebrates (Mammal)

  Common Names : Dusky Fruit Bat

Dusky Fruit Bat
  • Description
    • Description :
      Upperparts dark greyish-brown, underparts pale grey; ears with dark edges. Head with long muzzle and large eyes. Tail is short and claw on second digit of wing. Has a single pair of lower incisors.
  • Ecology, Habitat & Location
    • Habitat Notes :
      Roosts in caves and under rock shelters.
      Ecological Notes :
      Nocturnal and fruit-eating bat. It is known to carry fruit back to its roost to eat. Roost in caves and under rock shelters.
      Habitats :
      Terrestrial, Forest
      Distribution :
      In Singapore, recent records restricted to the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. Distributed in the Malay Peninsula, the Riau Islands and Borneo.
      Nature Reserves :
      Bukit Timah Nature Reserve
  • Conservation
    • Trends & Threats :
      Habitat loss, and disturbance of roosting sites.
      Scientific Interest & Potential Value :
      As its habits are poorly known, there is scope for scientific investigations. Fruit bats serve as pollinators and seed-dispersing agents for certain tree species.
      Conservation Notes :
      Caves where this species is known to roost should have their entrances fenced up to eliminate human disturbance.
  • Status
    • Species Status :
      Conservation Status :
      Singapore Red Data Book 2008 status :
      Endangered (EN)
  • References
    • Baker, N. & Lim, K. 2008. Wild animals of Singapore. Singapore: Draco Publishing and Distribution Pte Ltd. 180pp 
      Davison, G.W.H., Ng, P.K.L. & Ho, H.C (Eds.). 2008. The Singapore Red Data Book (2nd Edition). Singapore: Nature Society (Singapore). 285pp 

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