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  Calliophis intestinalis
  Family Name : Elapidae

  Taxonomic Group : Vertebrates (Reptile)

  Common Names : Banded Malayan Coral Snake

Banded Malayan Coral Snake
  • Description
    • Description :
      Small head barely distinct from slender body. Dark brown on dorsal surface, with a red stripe along the middle of the back. Ventral surface is white with black bands, underside of the tail bright red with black bands. Highly venomous, but can be confused for Oligodon octolineatus (harmless Striped Kukri Snake).
  • Ecology, Habitat & Location
    • Ecological Notes :
      Nocturnal, semi-fossorial, feeds on small snakes such as blind snakes. Highly venomous.
      Habitats :
      Forest, Parks & Gardens
      Distribution :
       Malay Peninsula, Sumatra, Borneo, and Java.
  • Status
    • Species Status :
      Conservation Status :
      Singapore Red Data Book 2008 status :
      Vulnerable (VU)
  • References
    • Baker, N. & Lim, K. 2012. Wild animals of Singapore. Singapore: Draco Publishing and Distribution Pte Ltd. 180pp 

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