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  Tetracanthagyna plagiata (Waterhouse, 1877)
  Family Name : Aeschnidae

  Taxonomic Group : Invertebrates (Dragonfly and Damselfly)

  Common Names : Giant Hawker

Giant Hawker
  • Description
    • Size :
      Male Hindwing: 67 - 75 mm; Total Body Length: 93 - 100 mm
      Description :
      This is the largest dragonfly in Southeast Asia. Females can have a wing-span of up to 165 mm, making it significantly larger than the males. Head reddish brown, thorax dark reddish or chocolate brown, with broad, pale lateral bands along the side. Abdomen cylindrical, tapering gradually to the end, and completely reddish brown. Most female individuals have broad transverse dark brown patches near wing tips.
  • Ecology, Habitat & Location
    • Ecological Notes :
      Inhabits forest streams. Forages at dawn and dusk, and is attracted to light. Oviposits in dead wood by streams through the day.
      Habitats :
      Freshwater, Freshwater Swamp Forest
      Distribution :
      Widespread in Sundaland
      Nature Reserves :
      Central Catchment Nature Reserve
  • Status
    • Species Status :
      Conservation Status :
      Singapore Red Data Book 2008 status :
      Critically Endangered (CR)
  • References
    • Tang, H.B., Wang, L.K. & Hämäläinen, M. 2010. A photographic guide to the dragonflies of Singapore. Singapore: Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research. 222pp. 

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