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  Delias hyparete metarete (Butler, 1879)
  Family Name : Pieridae

  Taxonomic Group : Invertebrates (Butterfly and Moth)

  Common Names : Painted Jezebel

  Chinese Name : 优越斑粉蝶

Painted Jezebel
  • Description
    • Size :
      80 mm
      Description :
      The Painted Jezebel is white above, with the veins dusted in the outer areas. Female is more heavily dusted with black than the male. The basal half of the underside of the hindwing is bright yellow and the termen has a bright red marginal border. The veins are dusted with black.
  • Ecology, Habitat & Location
    • Habitat Notes :
      Occurs commonly throughout Singapore. Usually flying at treetop level, among canopy of tall trees.
      Ecological Notes :
      Host Plant: Dendrophthoe pentandra
      Habitats :
      Forest, Mangroves, Parks & Gardens, Urban
  • Status
    • Conservation Status :
  • References
    • Butterfly Circle. 
      Khew, S.K. 2010. A field guide to the butterflies of Singapore. Singapore: Ink On Paper Communications Pte Ltd. 342pp 

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