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  Haworthia truncata 'Lime Green'
  Family Name : Asphodelaceae

  • Record Info
  • Life Stage & Characteristics
    • Plant Division :
      Angiosperms (Flowering Seed Plants)
      Plant Growth Form :
      Succulent Plant
      Lifespan (in Singapore) :
      Mode of Nutrition :
  • Biogeography
    • Native Distribution :
      Of horticultural origin.
  • Description & Ethnobotany
    • Plant Morphology :
      Growth Form: Succulent forming fan-shaped clusters.
      Roots: The root system is composed of thick, long roots, including contractile roots which adjust the position of the plant in the soil profile..
      Stems: The square to rectangular stem segments are light green to lime green with dark green venation. The flattened stem tips are rectangular in outline and contain windows of translucent tissue which allow light to penetrate deeper in the leaf.
      Flowers: The inflorescence stalk is composed of white and cream-coloured, pendulous flowers and is over 30 cm tall.
      Taxonomy :
      'Lime Green' is likely a hybrid between Haworthia truncata and either H. cuspidata or H. cymbiformis
      Cultivation :
      Plant this cultivar in a deep pot with porous media that dries quickly, such as fine gravel or pumice. Allow the soil to dry before re-watering. It grows best in bright light or light shade, but should be protected from hot afternoon sun which can burn the stem. Feed with a half-strength low-nitrogen cactus/ succulent fertilizer with trace elements and micronutrients. In Singapore, it grows best in an air-conditioned environment, as it needs a dry atmosphere.  
      Ethnobotanical Uses :
  • Landscaping Features
    • Desirable Plant Features :
      Ornamental Form
      Plant & Rootzone Preference/Tolerance :
      Dry Soils / Drought, Well-Drained Soils
      Landscape Uses :
      Interiorscape/ Indoor Plant, Container Planting
      Thematic Landscaping :
      Rockery / Desert Garden
  • Plant Care & Propagation
    • Light Preference :
      Full Sun
      Water Preference :
      Little Water
      Propagation Method :
      [Remarks] (Offsets form at the base of the plants which can be removed and replanted when they are a third of the size of the parent plant.)
  • Floral (Angiosperm)
    • Flower Colour(s) :
      Cream / Off-White, White
      Flower Grouping :
      Cluster / Inflorescence
      Flower Location :
      Individual Flower Shape :
      Campaulate / Bell-shaped
      Flowering Habit :

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