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  Irmengardia johnsoni Ng & Yang, 1985
  Family Name : Parathelphusidae

  Taxonomic Group : Invertebrates (Crustacean, Crab and Prawn)

  Common Names : Johnson’s Freshwater Crab

Johnson’s Freshwater Crab
  • Description
    • Description :
      Carapace usually dirty dark grey or brown colour, ventral surfaces dirty white.
  • Ecology, Habitat & Location
    • Ecological Notes :
      Shallow, slow flowing waters with dense leaf litter and mud in well-shaded swamp and forest streams. They feed on dead leaves and worms.
      Habitats :
      Forest, Freshwater, Freshwater Swamp Forest
      Distribution :
      Known from Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, various parts of the Central Catchment Nature Reserve, especially in the Nee Soon Swamp Forest. Not known from outside Singapore.
      Nature Reserves :
      Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Central Catchment Nature Reserve
  • Conservation
    • Trends & Threats :
      Habitat degradation and water pollution.
      Scientific Interest & Potential Value :
      The species was first described from Singapore in 1986, from Bukit Timah Hill, and has not been found outside Singapore. Like Singapore's other endemics, this species can play an important role as a conservation icon.
      Conservation Notes :
      The conservation and monitoring of pollution levels of the stream systems in Bukit Timah Hill and the Nee Soon Swamp Forest offer the best chance for maintaining good populations of this species.
  • Status
    • Species Status :
      Singapore Red Data Book 2008 status :
      Endangered (EN)
      Singapore Red Data Book 1994 status :
      Endangered (E)
  • References
    • Davison, G.W.H., Ng, P.K.L. & Ho, H.C (Eds.). 2008. The Singapore Red Data Book (2nd Edition). Singapore: Nature Society (Singapore). 285pp 
      Ng, P.K.L. 1988. The freshwater crabs of Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore. Singapore: Department of Zoology, NUS. 156pp 

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