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  Clarias batrachus
  Family Name : Clariidae

  Taxonomic Group : Vertebrates (Fish)

  Common Names : Common Walking Catfish

Common Walking Catfish
  • Description
    • Size :
      40 cm
      Description :
      Long and scaleless slender body (but less slender than the Slender Walking Catfish), with a bony plated head with granulations. Body has a greyish-brown colouration with several vertical rows of faint and tiny white spots on the sides. Four pairs of long barbels present on mouth, and a long dorsal and anal fin that is not joined to the caudal fin. Head is oval when viewed from above.
  • Ecology, Habitat & Location
    • Ecological Notes :
      Has the ability to live out of water for some time, and can travel short distances on land with its pectoral fin spines, which mimics "walking". Omnivorous, nocturnal and can be found mainly at the bottom of the water body. highly adaptable and can be found in disturbed environments such as canals and urban ponds.
      Habitats :
      Freshwater, Pond, Urban
      Distribution :
      Found throughout the entire island of Singapore. Worldwide, it is rampant in South East Asia, and is an introduced species in many places.
  • Status
    • Species Status :
      Conservation Status :
      IUCN Red List :
      Least Concern
  • References
    • Ho, J.K.I., Ramchunder, S.J., Theng, M., Memory, A., Li, T., Clews, E., Cai, Y.X., Tan, H.H and Yeo, D.C.J.. 2016. A Guide to the Freshwater Faun of Nee Soon Swamp Forest. Singapore: Lee kong Chian Natural History Museum & Tropical Marine Science Institute, National University of Singapore. 139pp 

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