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  Dendrobium smillieae F. Muell
  Family Name : Orchidaceae

  Common Names : Bottle-brush Orchid

Bottle-brush Orchid
  • Record Info
  • Life Stage & Characteristics
    • Plant Division :
      Angiosperms (Flowering Seed Plants) (Monocotyledon)
      Plant Growth Form :
      Lifespan (in Singapore) :
      Mode of Nutrition :
  • Biogeography
    • Native Distribution :
      Australia (Queensland) and Papua New Guinea
      Native Habitat :
  • Description & Ethnobotany
    • Plant Morphology :
      Growth Form: A robust, sympodial orchid growing in large clumps.
      Foliage: The simple leaves are oblong, thin and are generally curved or twisted in shape.
      Stems: The stems are slender, fusiform above a basal swelling. The older stems are leafless and covered with scarious leaf sheaths.
      Flowers: The flowers are borne on upright racemes which are located on the upper section of the older, leafless stems. The petals and sepals are pale pink with green tips while the flower lip is dark green. The flowers are about 15 to 25mm in length. 
      Habitat :
      It is found in open forests close to rainforests or in swamp forests at low altitudes. 
      Ethnobotanical Uses :
  • Plant Care & Propagation
    • Light Preference :
      Water Preference :
      Moderate Water
      Propagation Method :
      Seed, Division
  • Floral (Angiosperm)
    • Flower & Plant Sexuality :
      Bisexual Flowers
      Flower Colour(s) :
      Green, Pink, White
      FlowerTexture(s) :
      Flower Grouping :
      Cluster / Inflorescence
      Flower Symmetry :
      Inflorescence Type :

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